Problem getting repairs done by Landlord


 My family has been renting this house for 4 years.  Just last year we had a roof leak in the living room and notified the landlord that the ceiling in the living room was falling in, he stated he would have someone come look at it..well they still haven’t showed up. (I took pictures at the time for proof)  We also have a carport over our front door that was rotting and falling apart when we moved in.  A contracter came the first year and patched it up, well 3 years later the boards are so rotted that it is a hazard waiting to happen.  I am scared it is going to fall on someone or my car when I drive underneath it to get to my garage in the back.  Notified the landlord several times and he still has not fixed it.  I want to know who is responsible if this carport falls in on a person, car or the house? How many times do I have to notify the landlord before I can take action and take it down (it is to rotted to fix/possible termite infestation) and deduct the cost from our rent?

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June 13th, 2011 7:24 am

You have the right for minor repairs. It is your landlord who is responsible for minor repairs in your area, but if the problem is the result of your carelessness then the repair bill will properly be forwarded to you. If you don’t pay then the amount may be taken out of your security deposit. If you already approached your landlord verbally and still there was no action done then you can write a repair request. Do not forget to emphasize if the problem is causing inconvenience to other tenants. Make sure to point everything on the letter and to clearly state what the problem was. :)


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