Problem with Landlord and security deposit

By Joni

I recently moved out of a 2 bedroom rental that I lived in there for about 1 1/2 years.  My deposit was 1050, which included  a $200 dog deposit and one month’s rent. 

I fell on the icy driveway last Spring and tore the ligaments in my knee. The landlords were aware of the steep driveway, and that it needed repair. In fact, my stepfather was at the house during this incident and broke the hydrolic to his plow, trying to plow the driveway.  I do not have medical insurance and my emergency room bill and the specialist’s came to over $1800. 
My landlord is finding all sorts of excuses not to give me back the deposit. None of which are true. I left the house in mint condition and even found a new tenent for him. 
Is it possible to sue his home owners insurance for the amount I owed for my knee injury? I had two witnesses there at the time and paperwork to verify the injury.
Thanks for your time

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March 4th, 2013 11:30 pm

Make sure you have everything on paper because verbal agreements and conversations are a little shaky when used in court and if your ex-LL hires good attorneys, they will eat your case alive. I’d suggest you file for a complain with some mediation agencies like the RPA first. Because when and if you do end up in court you have RPA documents to help you rest your case.


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