Problem with Landlord repair….Electricity

By Krista

So my husband, my 5 year-old daughter, and I moved into an apartment in South Gate, CA. It seemed perfect, right? Well problem started right from the beginning. Before we moved in the landlord said that if we wanted to he could removed the ugly red carpet in bedroom and living room and replace with hardwood floors. Then he said I can also add new tile to kitchen and laundry room. I was delighted he would do this. He said it would take one week. So after paying a deposit which included first month rent, we moved a week later due his maintanence he needed to complete. Well, a week passed and there was no progress. So we decided to move in and thought maybe with us in the apartment there will be pressure to complete the job. Oh, we were completely wrong about that. Until this day, the tile is not done in the kitchen and laundry room. The finished touches for living room and bedroom for hardwood floor is not complete. I just gave up on that. My husband can finish everything but we do not want to do it when the landlord promise to complete this. Well, that not our problem. Our problem is that for the last month, we have noticed that the electricity flicks at times. Sometimes everything that is plugged will be reset. Our clocks will be flashing 12:00, our microvawe will flash 8888 and the stove is flashing the time. Up until two days ago, our electricity went out complete in the kitchen, laundry room and part of the living room. This apartment does not have breakers but instead fuses. Everything has been reset and yet nothing works. This apartment building consists of four apartments and they all have problems in the same area as I do. So my questions is how long is too long? During this time I have not been able to cook and I have advised the landlord. He tells me he has called Edison which is completely bullshit. I have Edison and there is not work order for this address. What do we do now????

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