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By Blanwil09

MY bedrooms wall where the window has been leaking little by little everytime it rains. but lately especially last night it was pouring water through the walls and my husband and I had to use our towels and other stuff to hold the water but it didn’t work so I had to use some large glasses that I have to hold the water coming down. i live in the second floor and since february we had reporterd it to the manager and called the supervisor and they say they are going to come but they never do so my manager gave me health departments number but it takes about 5 days for them to call me back and set up an appoinment…any other number I can called so that someone can actually do something about it?

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April 29th, 2010 3:55 pm

You could file a complaint.  I did for another type of problem I was having with my landlord.  Since I “Rushed” my complaint it was assigned to an agent by the next morning.  (I Filed at night)  I didn’t add the option to have a phone consultation; but it was available.
If you’ve got a repair problem, the better thing to do would be to file a complaint.  Theres a link at the top of this page.
Good luck to you!
PS:  The health department may not do much for you.  Not sure if a water leak is enough to be a health hazard??


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