Problems with Management Company/Land Lord

By Jarhead

  I rent from a property management company. May be a legal way of beating the system. I rent from a very nice well spoken educated lady. Wolfs can be well mannered and house broke. So dont let the fasard foll you she is underhanded and conniveing. Spouting out fasle hoods from the get. I am 53 disabled and take care of my 23 year old daughter with Down. I have a health care provider that clean my home dayly. The problems , I am haveing is that any repair request is mostly answed with well the owner said he will not pay for the repair "He/She" says if you dont like it move I’m 1800.00 deep in too this move. It was not made ready , I had to bring in my owen crew just to clean it and get it as close to move in as possable. The carpet is very dated and has hole and tairs large enough to trip and fall all it takes is one fall and I’m back in a wheel chair. The electrical system is now showing it’s colors. The holes in the wall all listed on move in list. The health problems are starting to show The lose tile in the bath has prevented me or my aid from installing the handcap rails to keep me from falling aparently has black mold growing behind it. The list go’s on and on The last slumb I lived in for close to seven years and I bailed told her please take me to court. And The new one knewfull well , I had problems with management’s repairs.

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May 12th, 2011 2:53 pm

Same situation with my friend’s uncle. Totally understand. You should file a complaint with RPA.


October 11th, 2011 7:40 am

i need some advice ive lived in same house for over a year with half sheetrock on my walls keep bringing it up to landlord never get anything done here recently i had sewer backing up in my house told landlord about it all they could say was oh so i took it upon myself to fix the problem myself i took 85 dollars off rent so i could rent a machine to fix my sewer now they are harring us about the 85 saying we are taking advantage of them now they want us to start looking for another place so if i could get someone to help me i would be very grateful


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