Unfair Charges due to previous renters stains

By Not wanting to Pay

So here’s the situation I’m in:

In August of 2008, my girlfriend and I moved in to an apartment complex located close to our work.  Everything went smoothly with the lease agreements and everything.  During the move in inspection we noticed 3 large stains in one of the guest rooms.  We noted this down on the move in inspection and submitted it.  They signed it and left us a copy. 

A year goes by:

We move out and move to another place.  A month after we moved, we receive a letter from our previous apartment saying we need to pay for the damages to the carpet.  We pointed out that those stains were there before we moved in and were noted on our move out agreement.  To be sure we asked them to send pictures of the stains so we know we’re talking about the same ones.  They send us pictures of the same stains but the pictures are time stamped with a 2007 dated.  A date prior to us moving in.

So we write our official letter letting them know that with us having a move out inspection signed by them noting these stains and they have pictures dated for 2007 with these stains, that we feel we are in no way responsible for paying their charges.  

Today i get a letter showing that these unfair charges are accruing interest.  This tells me that they are just going to keep adding interest on unjust charges until we pay.

What should we do?

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October 9th, 2010 7:36 pm

You’ve got yourself a bit of a pickle. I would suggest doing something fast before the charges start hurting your credit. It is possible that these charges may already be showing up as a collection. If you have all of this evidence why not file a complaint with the RPA or hire an attorney?


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