By Sasha

 I signed a lease with another young lady; this young lady is a pet lover and I am not. She agreed that if we moved in together, she would not have a pet (dog) at the apartment. Unfortunately, she did and I had a huge problem with it so she got gave the pet away. Now four months later, she is telling me that if I like it or not, she is going to get a pet next week. I have gone to the property office about this matter and they said that in regards to the pet fees we would both have to sign off on the addendums. I will not sign any addendums for this pet. My concern is that she may still get a pet and house the pet in our apartment. I informed that office that if she does get a pet I will have no choice but to report it and the property office informed me that we will be evicted if the pet is illegal on the property. I do not want an eviction but we did not agree to have a pet and I am not a pet person.  Is there anything else I can do in regards to this situation to protect myself from getting an eviction if this pet brought into the apartment and then I reported it? I would like to be prepared before she purchases the pet and would like to know what I should do from getting into crisis of an eviction.  P.S. I am currently looking for someone to take over my name on the lease.  Thank you.

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