Re-signed my lease, landlord lists as avail online



I just signed the lease for my apartment for the 4th year in a row.  Same apartment, same landlord.  Every year, the landlord suggests a very steep rent increase and he and I spend several phone calls negotiating.  This year, he asked for an increase of $250/month and said he wanted to redo the kitchen.
I live in a very small one-bedroom in Manhattan, 4th-floor walk up.  While the idea of a lovely, new kitchen is great, the ‘kitchen’ is actually just a corner of the living room.  Due to the apartment size, I can’t even have a table and chairs, let alone a full dinner party set up, so a new kitchen doesn’t really matter to me.  I agreed to a $150/month increase and no renovation.
A month ago, when I was away on a business trip, another tenant with whom I am friendly phoned me to say that a broker was trying to show my apartment and was I moving out??!!  I was shocked (I hadn’t received any notice of renewing my lease at this point) and phoned the landlord immediately.  He was extremely apologetic, oddly over-friendly (chatting about travelling, the weather, politics, etc.), and said it was a mistake and the same apartment number was available in the buidling next door.  He assured me the broker made a mistake.  He also said that he had just sent the new lease but to ignore the rent and that he and I would work out an agreeable rent as he wants me to stay on as a tenant.
Now, this morning, the front door of my apartment opens and a broker and prospective tenant are standing outside.  She says that my apartment is listed as available for rent…  I told her that this has happened before, it’s actually the building next door.  She then shows me a printed listing with a photo of my buidling and full details of my apartment.  The rent is listed as $25/month less than what I agreed to pay (which was frustrating as the rent increase was a big consideration for me) and the apartment is listed as ‘newly renovated’ which the broker understood to be a new kitchen.
I know I can’t break my lease now that I’ve signed for another year, but do I have any recourse with the landlord?  I phoned him (no answer) and left a message immediately, as well as wrote a very nice email expressing my disappointment and asking for an explanation.
I’m sure he will say it is a mistake, but it seems clear he is using my apartment to lure prospective tenants.  
Any advice or suggestions are appreciated!

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