Recurring MOLD throughout

By disgusted renter

We have lived in our basement appartment for the last 4 years. We have had continual problems with mold.  First appearing in the bathroom,and then in both our kids rooms, then our bedroom and finally the living room.  The mold grows mostly on the outside walls – mbut not exclusively there.  We have complained to our landlord, but the problem has not been resolved.

Recently,in August he had work done on our bathroom,replacing the shower enclosure, lynoleom flooring and repainting.  When the maintenance man tore into the job, he found that things were rotten clear through.  However, he was only approved to replace what was visible,not explore futher into the walls.  A job that originally was estimated to take 2 days, took 9 days. 

The mold has already come through the new paint in the bathroom, and has gotten worse in other areas of the appartment.  If items are left too long in the closets of our childrens’ rooms, they will be covered with mold.  For example, a backpack that is put away for the summer…from June to September, when pulled out again is covered with mold.  If a slipper is lost under the bed for about a month, completely ruined with mold.

Also, since we have moved in, our entire family has had congestion/sinus problems, eye allergies, change in energy levels and increased need for sleep. 

I have attempted to stay on top of the mold, cleaning with bleach, airing things out, running fans, etc.  The frequency of the bleach cleaning has increased because the mold comes back faster and faster.  It’s gross and embarrassing and we are disgusted with it.

Our landlord is condisending when we talk to him, and reporting problems just makes his demeanor worse…add to that the financial difficulties we have endured recently has not benefitted our relationship with the landlord.

From the research I have done, I am convinced that we are dealing with black mold.  I can’t find any city or county codes that deal with this…I don’t know how to handle it anymore. 

If anyone has any information on where to go, who to talk to – where to find the information I need to proceede with anything…


We just want to have a clean healthy home to live in.

Edited on: Saturday, December 25th, 2010 11:25 pm

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