Rental Carpet Stain

By Rachael

We have been in a newly remodeled unit for six months. The berber carpet was apparently new when we moved in, according to our landlord. Our lease is ending soon, and we have kept the apartment in immaculate condition- even removing our shoes inside. The other day, a piece of carpet in our room was burned slightly by accident when our iron fell.

The landlord said he would have to replace all of the carpet in the entire unit as it is new, and he said patching is not an option. We talked to some repair companies who said that patching berber is difficult but not impossible. He will not allow us to try any repairs. He insists that all of the carpet will have to be replaced because of one localized spot. The rest of the carpet is immaculate. Should we be expected to pay the full cost of the Rental Carpet ? I expect to pay for the damage, but he is unwilling to do anything less than replace all of the carpet in all of the rooms. What should we expect?

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