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Me and 3 women are renting a house. We moved in on 2/27/14. On 4/10/14, I come home to my downstairs toilet overflowing. I couldn’t get it to go down, so I called the property manager. Someone came out to work on it. They said that there was a clog between the house and the outlet valve. The next day, a plumber came out and cleaned out the drain. He found a lot of tampons in the drain and because we are all women, the property manager assumed that we had put tampons in the toilet. I told him, that it was not us. He told us that because we had only been there a short time, that we would not be responsible for the charges. However, on 4/22/14 I get an email from the property company stating that we would be responsible for the $300 charge because we had been in the house for two months and because tampons were found. I sent them an email and called stating that we had only been in the house for about a month an a half, when the incident happened. Also that just because tampons were found didn’t mean that they came from us. I asked them to provide us with a bill from the owner stating that the drains had been cleaned prior to us moving in. I was told that they would look into it and call us on 4/23. However, no one has called or responsed to my recent email. The $300 charge has been added to our account. I’m just frustrated because I don’t even have a period to even use tampons, one of the roommates didn’t even move in until end of March and the other roommate has rented a house before, so knows better. I just feel like we are only being made to pay these charges because we are women. We don’t know what to do. We really like living here and don’t want to sour our landlord – tennant relationship. Any advise?



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