Repair Issues

By KWolowitz

I live in a two bedroom townhome. Over the last two weeks I have complained at least 5 times about leaking water in our basement from the ceiling. Finally this week I went to do laundry and there was a huge hole in the ceiling where the water had finally leaked so much the drywall fell in. I called the office and with a lot of attitude they sent someone over. After all is said and done they have determined water has been leaking under the floor from the kitchen sink. They are going to have to replace the pipes from the kitchen, the floor and the cabnets. They claim this will take two day, and the work in the basement will take at least a week. At first we were informed the mold was very toxic and we wouldn’t be able to be here during repair and they offered to let us stay in another townhouse in the complex while work is done. I have two year old twins and this would not be easy. Then they said we can use the model, but there is no stove. Then the head of maintenance looked at the mold and said work can be done while we are here. However we have been told not to go in the basement at all, and have no access to our washer and dryer. We were told they would provide coins for the laundry room but went today and we were told we would ahve to wait until Monday. We have been baned from the basement since Thrusday. A family of 4 gets a lot of laundry in that time. I am nervous about all of this and do not see the repair happening quickly. We have also noticed a wet spot in our kitchen ceiling. Do we have any grounds to get out of our lease? What rights do we have in this situation. Any info or suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks!

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