Roommate Breaking Lease

By Tenant

My roommate and I signed a 12 month lease. At the end of 10 month my roommate has decided to break a lease because she does not have a job and cannot afford to pay rent. We have tried to the speak to the landlord to come up with an amicable solution but they are refusing to speak to us. I have even offered to rent their empty 1 bedroom apartment and sign another 12 month lease if they let us out of our first lease contract. I have a really good relationship with the property manager but my roommate does not. She does not care if the landlord puts this on our credit report. My question is since my roommate is breaking  lease – I have no problem paying my portion of the rent – why doesn’t the landlord simply go after her?

I am trying to work out a solution but the property manager notified me that the landlords don’t want to speak to me. What can I do in this situation? If I also move out when my roommate moves out. Can they report this to the credit bureaus without even trying to resolve this amicably?

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