Rude neighbors and disrespectful and lying landlord

By Anon

I rented out an apartment in a duplex w/ my girlfriend. When we talked to the landlord before we rented he said no kids no pets was his policy. He also states that our neighbors are two young women who are quiet. Two weeks after we move in the girls move out and he rents the apartment to someone w/ a loud 5 year old. They immediately start being disrepsectful. Moving all of their funrniture on the lawn and in our walkway the day they moved in, having bicycles and kids toys strewn in the driveway and on the lawn, and of course the kid screaming and yelling right outside our window every afternoon. We immediately called the landlord a couple of times to bring up the point of the no kids no pets policy and to keep him up to date on what’s going on because we knew this would one day come to a head between them and us.
They then begin constantly going in and out their front door. The screen door slamming every time. From 8:30am to 4:30 pm one Sunday. If it was less than 50 times I would be shocked. The next day it started again in the afternoon. My girlfreind had alredy had bad blood w/ them at this point because she asked them when they moved in if we could keep the same parking arrangement as we had w/ the other neighbors. This apparently pissed her off because she wanted the front driveway all to herself and her big truck. I asked very nicely if she could close the door instead of letting it slam if she was going to keep going in and out. I mean this is what me and my gf have been doing since we moved in. She stared at me, said nothing and preceded to slam it even more. I called the landlord. He said he would have the door fixed. The door was fixed 2 days later and boy did it piss them off. They then tried slamming their inside door but got sick of it. So, we just had the kid yelling and screaming and the banging inside their apartment (which was them chasing their kid all around the house, playing or fighting I do not know). Two days later my gf comes home at 4:00am w/ a distressing story of her night and we were upset and you could hear us from their apartment. One time we might have been noisy after 5 months. They call the landlord the next day. They then park in our agreed parking spot. My girlfriend asked why they were doing it and was called a bitch and flipped off. The woman did this right in front of her 5 yr old btw. My girlfriend texted the landlord. His wife called back. My girlfrind has never met his wife and I was outside in her presence for 2 minutes one day. His wife starts saying abusive things about me and my girlfriend. She put forth accusations that we are the problem, that she would guarantee that we’ve had problems other places we rented, that we moved in there instead of moving in where my gf works because we can’t, that I am rude and disrespectful, and that if the neighbor called my gf a bitch it must have been for a reason. This is putting it mildly the insulting things that were said on the phone to my gf. They said to call the police and that we should have called them instead of calling him. Basically what happened is that the landlord is lazy and ignorant and just wants his money w/out any  responsibilities of being a landlord.
I went to him to discuss the phone call. He did not have any points to make and just kept saying that he wants everybody to get along and he’s not going to handle anything. I brought up all the accusations and shot him down. No apology. No reason why his wife who is not listed on the lease and who we never talked to would be dealing with us. We want out of this lease, we want the noise next door to stop, and we want to file some sort of complaint against the landlords behavior. Remember, he siad no kids no pets.

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May 1st, 2012 3:54 pm

They are not allowed to discriminate against people with children. That is against the law.


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