Should the landlord Intervene into disagreement

By Bo G.

Should the property owner intervene to disagreement between tenants?

The family living on the first floor of two-story house feels free to park their two cars on

the narrow driveway blocking access to and out from the part

of garage designed for my use.


Their two dog’s feces are not cleaned since I started to rent (for the past 2 year).

At the 2013 year beginning, I had talk with them about cleaning dog waste

without progressive result.


Another problem is a steel cable and movable leash attached on that cable.

The cable is running between two garages.

One garage is located at the end of short driveway from the street

and the other in an alley. There is a grassy yard between them used by the dogs

as a restroom. The neighbors use the leash to clip it to the dogs collars.

My visitors and I on several occasions during the past year tripped

over dog’s leash, which sometimes is left on the backdoor step about 4” high.

I discussed numerous times that issue with my neighbor’s and heard a change promise but

the leash in persisting manner is drop on the entranceway to the only door accessing

my upper apartment.

I notified the Landlord with above issues but to this time do not have an answer if he would take any steps.




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