Showings? + Security deposit?

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               I currently rent a house in NJ. I have a 1 year lease that runs out at the end of November. My landlord has decided to put the house on the market for sale. After only 4 months of living here the landlord began bringing a real estate agent over and since then I have allowed him to show the house several times. Now without my permission or even informing me he has given a key to the real estate agent and now he wants to show the house wether I’m home or not. I am very upset with what I consider to be a huge breach of my privacy and a huge inconveniance to myself and my family. I am paying the same rent I was paying all along except now there will be strangers coming through my house every couple days

Everything I have read says that it must be stated in your lease if the landlord plans on showing the house while I’m still in it. It is not in my lease at all. When I brought this subject up to my landlord on the phone he basically flipped out and began swearing a whole bunch at me and asking (threatening?) me if I "wanted a f@#*in problem".

I basically need to know if he is legally allowed to do what he is trying to do and what my course of action should be if he is not. My family and I are very, very uncomfortable in this house now and I’m not really sure what I should do. Plus I am very concerned about wether or not he will return my security deposit when we move out. We have treated this property like gold but after reading up on it I realize that he did not follow any of the procedures that he was supposed to follow with the deposit. He never walked through the house with us when we moved in to mark down the condition of everything so I’m worried he might try to put some of the pre-existing things (nail holes in wall, stains on rugs, etc) on us and keep our deposit. Plus I just read that he was supposed to give me written confirmation of what bank the deposit is in, etc within 30 days and he never did that either.

I’m not trying to start a whole big war with the landlord, I just want to enjoy my last 2 months here with my family in peace and then move out and get my security deposit back intact.

I’m not even sure if your organization is who I should be contacting about this situation but I really don’t know who else to ask. I’d appreciate any help or advice you could offer, thank you

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