Signs Of Termites found in my apartment can lease be broken?

By kathy

I have been renting a three bedroom apartment since the end of October, 2011.  Three weeks ago I discovered the first signs of termites hanging thick ‘thread-like’ substance coming out of the bathroom ceiling which is directly under the second floor apartment’s bathroom.  I now know this to be from termites which is predominant in this area.  I called the office and was told somebody would be sent over immediately to take pictures but no one showed up.  She stated that this complex was treated for termites last spring and they had a warranty.  It has been three days and I haven’t noticed any action favor of  termite treatment.  When I signed the one year lease I was NOT told of previous problems with termites.  I don’t want the apartment sprayed for termite control  as she first stated that would happen because after reading information chemicals are used and it doesn’t solve the problem.  The ground has to be treated starting with the foundation to get rid of the problem.  What are my options with this problem?  Can the lease be terminated?  Please any information would be helpful.

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