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I have been living in my apartment for about 3 years now. My landlord is elderly and she only comes around to ‘clean’ up the apartment from the 1st to the 5th so that she can collect rent as well. The apartment complex is quite small, 5 apartments in all, but the maintaince is never kept up.
In the upstairs apartment the carpet was completely delapted. Upon removal, which was only done upon persistence and refusal to pay for it or live in it ourselves, was demeed unsanitary and a health hazard by the carpet installers. Since carpet has been put in, the lamient has still yet to be installed, 3 weeks later. Therefore we are still walking on the unsanitary carpet in our hallways and kitchen. The kitchen sink’s faucet is lacking the proper installation to make it steady. At any moment we could move it and the pipes could burst. When we moved in the blinds were brown and moldy and the windows were covered in micliem (dangerous mold). All our vents are covered in rust and inches of dirt. Our heaters don’t work and our landlord refuses to compensate for it. Also our counters are peeling up. The landlord also refused to paint the dirty walls that were covered in brown and black stains, so we ended up painting it ourselves with no compensation either.
As for the apartment below, the major problem is the bathroom sink. It continuosly over flows because of the ancient plumbing. When it overflows it not only floods the bathroom it also begins to seep down into the apartment below. Additional problems include the kitchen fan that is broken. One of the burners on the stove doesn’t work. Finally, after multiple complaints, the renter demanded the bathroom faucet get fixed. She refused to do it immediately but the next day (after she walked in without authorization) she told the renter that he had to vacate the building for good without any compensation.
Also, none of the fire dectors work and there is no fire extinguisher.

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February 25th, 2012 7:04 pm

i live in a apt that has been in MULTIPLE VIOLATIONS, fire alarms,electrical,appliances broken windows,etc. these are things that the landlord has been sited for by CODE ENFORCEMENT OF THE CITY OF HOMESTEAD FLA. the address is 65 n.w.8th str. apts #4, #5, #8, #10 in homestead. this landlord is evicting us tenants out even thou we try 2 pay her rent that she will not come collect,( she is a SLUMLORD) she does not care about the property we live at & she has MULTIPLE VIOLATIONS with MIAMI DADE COUNTY at other properties she owns: her name is MARISELA DELGADO, C/O MAX PROPERTIES REALITY, INC. this landlord needs to be put on NOTICE & classified as a slumlord of DADE COUNTY. these apts have mold problems. IT IS SO WRONG THAT THE CITY OF HOMESTEAD, & MIAMI DADE COUNTY can allow this to continue. i can be reached at 305-910-8696. i have no problem notifying: THE NEWS PEOPLE, HOUSEING AUTHORITY, HEALTH DEPARTMENT, & TALLAHASSEE of the problem. we are loseing our place to stay because of a SLUMLORD.

josepine colunga

March 8th, 2012 9:07 pm

i rented a apartment from this -SLUMLORD, MARISELA DELGADO (LANDLORD) C/O MAX PROPERTIES REALITY INC. this LANDLORD should be put out of business. this land lord has: MULTIPLE VIOLATIONS in MIAMI DADE COUNTY where she has other properties, & in homestead. this lanlord does not care what kind of condition her TENANTS live in as long as she gets her rent. i josephine am willing 2 show all pictures i have since the building at( 65 n.w. 8th str. ) homestead had a CONDIMED STICKER put on it DEC 30, 2011. it is not there now but there is a apartment that is in real bad shape #6, & # 10 they have mold in them & the apts all have mold & all the landlord does is paint over it. the apt building roof is over 30 years old & needs replaced, there are violations on each apt. the apt building earlier in 2011 0r 2010 was order 2 be shut down because of serious issues. this building is in bad shape, there are people over there all the time doing drugs, the place is always a mess. ONCE AGAIN ACTION NEEDS TO BE TAKEN AGAINST THIS LANLORD—MARISELA DELGADO. if u need any more information u can e-mail me at my e-mail & i will get back 2 u


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