The maintenance people can’t read!

By NewbieRenter

Hello everyone, I have a problem with my apartment’s maintenance people.

I’d like to start off with I have a dog with seperation anxiety, who is terrified of men (and some women) especially when my boyfriend, who is his owner, isn’t around. The dog’s name is Shadow.

So yesterday, on 6/11/13, my apartment’s AC started acting funny. It’s a window unit in the middle of my living room wall. It started being super loud and stuff, and not getting cold. This causes health concearns for me, but since I have another unit upstars, it’s not terrible.

While my boyfriend came home for lunch, he witnessed how loud the AC was, and when he got back to work he filled out an online maitenance report to get it fixed. However, since Shadow’s condition, we have to know when someone’s coming over so we can give him some calm down medication and keep him out of the way, in the bathroom since we live in a studio. Now, that’s fine and good, but someone has to be in there with him because he will not stop barking until whoever is in the apartment is gone, and five minutes after that he can still be barking…The apartment complex knows about how he is, and accepted it when we moved in.

Earlier today when I was still in bed, they came and knocked on my door. Well, since I have a chain that I put on the door myself, they didn’t enter. In the report he said that they need to contact us before they come. Well, seeing as I was in bed and didn’t know they were coming over, I didn’t answer the door. Another reason I didn’t answer is because I don’t like being alone when men come into my apartment, and whenever I see maintainence around my complex, there are a few of them who give me very dirty looks that makes me uncomfortable, even though I’ve never had to have to fix things, and have had no problems with them in the past!

They have since contacted my boyfriend and told him that they don’t have a key to our new locks, and a few other things, and that they’ll be coming sometime between now and when the office closes.

I know this is all silly, but this is my first apartment. They did not contact us like we requested, is there anything we can do about that? When I was signing the lease, I made sure to let them know my concearn with this, but it isn’t in writing that I know of. Can anything be done about this?

Edited on: Wednesday, June 12th, 2013 3:20 pm

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