Threat of eviction b’cos I filed noise complaint against other tenant

By Ohio girl

I filed a noise complaint against one of my neighbors with the local police dept. the other night, and they testified to the fact of the loudness and legitimacy of my complaint.  The police had been out earler and requested the renter to turn the music down, which she complied for all of about 15 minutes until they left.
I spoke w/my LL this morning about the incident and explained my frustration and how nobody wins when a tenant is beligerent and intends to disrupt other’s lives… and he replied "now what am I to do if these 5 college girls tell me they cannot live next to you? "  Implying, he would rather lose one tenant (me) than lose the 5 of them.
My question is- can he legally do this ?
I’ve done nothing wrong !
I pay my rent 6 mo. in advance, bills paid on time and I’m a model tenant, yet I am the one threatened w/eviction !
Help somebody, ease my worries !

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October 21st, 2011 8:48 am

The police didn’t hear the noise the first time they were out, the second time is when they heard it and testified in their report and the second time is when I lodged the complaint officially.
Plus, I have video/audio recordings from various infractions from last month all the way up to the night and time in question.. but it still bothers me that the LL would say such a thing. It’s just this one girl, not the other 4 that is acting out in this nonsensical manner.


December 10th, 2011 9:40 am

ina i wuz u .I would file a civil siut against her & LL….but make sure u get a Tenant/Landlord attorney….who has experience in this field….keep all docs…


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