I need to know whats renters rights

By mary kearl

I Have recently moved into a apartment two months ago and I an now living roaches and bed bugs in my complex not yet my unit that have noticed . I Have let management know of this problem and my next store to me has lived here in this apartments for four years . Has noticed them may of 2010  here it is February 2011 and only been here only months and very upset and have no else to live so mean tell me that no one in this complex has done nothing .so i am not lay down to this . I Know my rights and I didn’t move to this apartment to have to move out and cant finish my schooling. Well I feel why has been 9 months . I am very upset at that fact when do finally move i have to junk all of my future so i moved just lose my things . I  got news for the owners and management because i have health issues like asthma and roaches carry diseases and i have done my reach on every end . My daughter and Igo to bed with cotton balls in our ears because all the stories i found on people having their ear drums removed and also the lady that licked evolve and got the roach growing in tough. I been nice about this situation and have had my unit sprayed three times and spent my own money on forgers and when i return the next day never seen so many in my life . Its very ridiculous that I cant not be contactable in home that payed rent on time and keep my place nice and neat and that doesn’t even matter how clean you are . I truly believe  that people need to get on the team and start taking charge over the situation scene the people that get paid for not taking job seriously and DO YOUR DAM JOB LIKE YOUR SUPPORT TO ALL APARTMENTS HOME OWNERS HOTEL AND MOTELS better do what need to or get sued and kiss my ass. Please help me to know about renters rights in this case.

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danielle graham

August 27th, 2013 5:10 pm

i have complained to mgt regardinf bed bug problem. they said i am responsible for getting rid of them . this comany will evict me if i take matters further. what can i fo?


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