Unkept Yard, Spider Bites and Bugs

By Tenant

My lease states that the leasing agent will take care of the grounds, mowing, and trimming of all bushes, trees and hedges.  I moved in the first of Feb 2010 and noticed that no yard work was being done at all.  Finally in may several of the tenants, including myself began notifying the leasing agent that the grass was over knee high and the homes were being infiltrated with spiders, scorpions and other miscellaneous bugs.  The suggestions I was given to keep my 4 year old son from getting bit was mosquito spray and feed him more garlic.  The leasing agent informed me that more garlic in my son’s diet would keep away bugs.  Why not, it worked for her sister’s dog.  

Every month I have called and complained about the high grass.  Living in the country with high grass is breeding grounds for all kinds of bugs including mosquitoes, chiggers and spiders, not to mention snakes.  My son is not able to play in his yard due to all the bugs.  The leasing agent stated that I could buy or borrow a lawn mower.  I informed her that having the yard mowed was her job not mine.  I already have 3 jobs, my actual employment, being a mother and being a father.  I did ask her if I took the time out of my weekend to do her job was she going to come over and entertain my son, clean my house or run errands for 2 hours?  She made it quite clear that taking care of my son and home are my job yet I am to do hers as well.  Finally I  borrowed a mower from a friend so my son would have a freshly mowed yard on his 5th birthday.  Unfortunately this just caused all the dogs and cats in the neighborhood to use our freshly mowed yard as a toilet and me having to move the birthday party some where else.  
Each month the leasing agent said she would ensure the yard would be mowed.  Each month she would come up with an excuse, no funds, did he not come out and mow, oh I forgot to check on that.  I have taken my son the doctor for medicine to treat numerous spider bites and chiggers.  I have tried using insecticide bombs but within a week or so the house is filled with bugs again.  Due to the bites my son is not sleeping well which causes issues with his behavior.  He wakes up several times a night itching and scratching and at times wakes with nightmares of bugs and spiders chasing after him.
I have informed the leasing agent that she is in breach of contract and that I am seeking a new place to live.  I also stated that she will have her 30 days notice that is required.  She stated that I am legally binded by the year lease and legally responsible for the remaining 6 months.  She is not accepting my statement of her being in breach of contract.  Is the health and medical issues I am having with my son reason enough to have the contract voided?  Legally what can she do to me if I do leave?  Legally what can I do to get out of the lease?
Any suggestions and ideas are welcome.
Thank you,

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January 29th, 2012 11:15 am

It can be so dangerous i know because i suffered [B]black widow bite[/B] on my vocation..
i was in texas at my uncles home and spider bites me.
In first time i didn’t know that was spider bite. After few hours pain was horrible and i decided to go to explore on internet some about spider bites.


Informations and pictures was telling to me that was really spider bite. I called 911 and went to hospital a my vocation, can you imagine??!.
Doktor sad to me that black widow is so dangerous spider that can produce anputation, i was shocked!
That’s my story people. I’m hoping i will help someone if read this and learn more about bites..
Sorry about mine bad english, i’m from bulgaria.


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