what are the laws about the landloard fileing eviction?

By Ash

so i lease from a community, when we first moved in they told us we had 3 days to be late to pay rent which we went 2 more days past that, but payed the late fee when we turned it in they said they were going to file eviction , but since we turned in that day they didnt file it now 2 months later they are saying we owe them 400$ because they had to cancel it but they told us they never filed it , my question is arnt they suppose to give you a warning before they file for evivtion?

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April 18th, 2013 1:15 am

Hi Ash! Yes, before your landlord will file for an eviction case he must first serve you with a 30-days or 60-days written notice first depending on your state laws. He needs to follow the legal process to evict you. Since you were not served with a written notice and you were not ordered by the court to pay your landlord for any damages then you are not required to pay him anything. If he insists that you pay up then you can file a complaint against him. You can either hire a lawyer to represent you in court or ask assistance from a private mediation company like the RPA.


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