what can i do about these bed bugs situation

By conserned mother

what should I do I have been dealing with these darn bed bugs since april and we had the landlord help with calling a professional to come in and the landlord payed it up front and we told him that we would be able to pay it when our taxes but we just got in the mail today a five day eviction soI don’t know what to do because my children and I need a roof over our head and we can’t pay it yet because we are waiting for our w-2s to go file our taxes

Edited on: Sunday, January 27th, 2013 12:30 pm

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January 28th, 2013 8:30 pm

I’m sorry you got into this trouble and I understand your worries. But if you got that eviction notice then I’m afraid it’s already final and you would need to move on the date mentioned. You can contest it in court but that is expensive; however, if you made a written agreement with your landlord that you would pay him back when the taxes are in then you would probably have a strong case. Again, contesting it in court is going to cost you so you might want to consider that in your decision. Good luck!

conserned mother

January 29th, 2013 7:33 am

well the landlord is willing to work with us but it is to the point that i still have them and my kids are still getting bit up really bad that i am afraid to put them in there room because every time i do they are constantly bit up. i have called my children in to school sick five times already for it and my fiance and i had to call in work a few time because of it. in the fall i had the nurse for my children s school call me twice because they were so bit up that it look like they had poison ivy so i told the nurse it was poison ivy. but i do not know were i got it from because in april the only place i went was my camper and i had my camper one year prior to that but there is two apartment building and the are across from each other that in the middle is the parking lot the apartments are across each other forming an l shape but the dumpster is right next to my assigned parking spot. in april someone through out two mattresses and some wooden furniture they all sat next to the dumpster the wooden furniture was picked up right away but the mattresses sat there till yesterday but i have seen proof on a few of the tenants having them but they only checked the one above me,next door behind and kiddy corner of me even though we have a water heater system and they told me there is no way they can get through but were the baseboard meets the floor i have gaps ranging all along the bottom ranging from 1/4 inch up to at least 1 1/2 so i don’t know what to do anymore i have tried many chemicals constantly cleaning professionals in here old remedies taped every nook and cranny and now i am at the point that i mentally afraid to go to bed because i constantly feel like i and getting bit up and constantly scratching thinking the is one one me every time i turn around and have scars were i scratched myself to hard. so i am just very concerned about my family and i and what can we do in this situation so we can have our lives back.


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