Wishy Washy Landlord

By Nellie

Rented Apt with friend, tuned out she was a problem.  Landlord did not like her actually sent my a letter  in Jan 2008 stating we can get out of lease.  Unfortunally I did not have until June to start looking for new apt. But by then landlord said letter was for within 30 days, but letter never stated that.  Also, in June I got sick was taken to ER several times. In July friend decided to move out.  My dad taked to landlord about me, she said I could move out she would look for new tenant.  Moved out middle of Aug, living with grandparents now. In Aug had Apt cleaned for inspection, landlord OK.  Dad paid for Sept now landlord said we need to pay for Oct, still no new tenant.  Dad wanted to use deposit for Oct and pay balance, landlord said no again.  I need to pay then she would give deposit later.  Can I use the letter against her so I don’t have to pay for Oct.  I have missed work due to my medical problem, employer has been very nice about it.

But I don’t get paid, no work no money.  Can landlord make me pay.  I don’t want my credit to be bad due to missing one month of no pay, but I am very low on money.

Thank You


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October 5th, 2008 7:31 am

You rent question was: Can my landlord make me pay for October rent. The simple answer is yes. Assuming you signed a rental contract for a 1 year period– you are responsible for what ever the lease agreement says. If you feel your rights are not being met you may want to consider filing a complaint with the RPA. The other option would be to find a renter to take over your lease agreement.
Good Luck!


October 5th, 2008 7:34 pm

I would think you could try to set a cap as to how many months you are required to pay. Have you considered negotiating with the landlord?


October 7th, 2008 6:15 am

Whatever you do, DO NOT STOP PAYING without some type of written agreement. Even if the landlord lets you off the hook verbally, GET IT IN WRITING!!! I’ve made the mistake in the past where I didn’t get something in writing, and it cost me dearly.


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