Apartment Carpet Law…?

By Jamie

While vacuuming our apartment, a strand of carpet became caught up in our vacuum, and a run was created in the carpet.  We notified our landlord immediately, and they determined that it could not be patched.  Now, they are insisting that the carpet needs replacing, and we are financially responsible.  We feel as though there was a flaw in the carpet, and that we should not be faulted for performing standard cleaning practices.  How can we be held responsible for carpet that falls apart with standard vacuuming?

Are we on the hook for this?

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One Response to “Apartment Carpet Law…?”

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November 29th, 2012 6:06 pm

Hi Jamie.

Try using good vacuum cleaner for cleaning the carpet or products that are sensible to get stuck in vacuum cleaner. Ask the landlord that you could have hide the incident but as a good renter, responsibly you have said him the carpet problem occured. Now if it’s a costly one, you can have words with your landlord and come to a point where you both can share the replacement cost, tell him even your vacuum had faced a problem due to strand of carpet.


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