By terry

              Im being evicted in what i beleive is retallitory because ive asked numours times for management to fix something. 
Can i be legally evicted because the manager doesnt like me because i complain to much about fixing things?

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Wrongful eviction

By good tenant bad manager

Can my Landlord’s porperty manager do this? I have resided here for almost 9 years, 5 of which this landlord has owned this house. I am a good tenant, pay my rent on time, and care for the property as if it were my own.  Last June, my Landlord hired a property manager. This woman has been very difficult to dal with in every situation with her. She previously placed bad tenants above me that I had to call the police on in 1 week, and they were removed by the end of mthe their 3rd week here. Weds, the night before Thanksgiving, she called at 8:44 PM and told my son she was coming in here Friday after Thanksgiving with an exterminator to spray my house. I was out of town from 7 PM on weds, and did not return howme til after 10 PM on Thursday, which is the first time i saw my son, and checked my aller ID, and he told me about her call. I sent her an email, and told her that I am cooking my entire holiday meal friday, and am sick as well, and that she needed to reschedule the exterminator for the following week. ( she managed 6 properties for my landlord. but manages 24 all in total). I called her friday morning to make sure she checked her email, and she asid she did not- And stated that she would be coming through with an exterminator this fater noon. i started to tell her no, and the reasons why, and she talked over me, and I hung up on her. I called my landlord, and left hima detailed mesage- this is black fridsy, a day which most people are either recooping from the holiday or going out shopping all day!  She should have taken that into consideration and scheduled this all for next week to begin with. After leaving this mesage for my landlord, I called her back to try to talk to her and explain why I am not oing allow an inspection and spraying in my home today, and she started screaming at me and threatened that if I didn’t let her in, I would be geting evicted, said that I have roaches and that she can’t rent the upper apartment becuase of them and she knows they are from me because there hasn’t been anyone living there since last July so they are from me.  I have never had more than a few spiders and 2 baby mice in this house during the entire time I have lived here!

I have called my landlord, and am awaiting his reply- she alo tried to evit me in July becuase I called Police after asking her new tenants above me to please stop with the profanity everytime they walked back and forth by all my open windows, and Police came and asked me what I wanted, I said simply respect and consideration, they must be respectful of their neighbors. They agreeed, and This property manager came to my door and tried to evict me! I said wait a minute? I call the Police because they are disorderly and you’re evicting me? She said Yeah, 30 days get out. My landlord and I talked and he said no way, you aren’t goin anywhere you are one of my best tenants. And I am still here…Now I feel strongly that if she serves me with an eviction – for not allowing her to come in with an exterminator after calling my son like he did- Can I sue her for wrongful eviction? If thats the only reason she has to try to evict me, then she will need to work harder, because having a tenant with extenuating citrcumstances and ASKING TO RESCHEDULE , saying this cannot and will not be done today brcause I am ill and am cooking my holiday meal today- would most likely not be sufficient reasons to evixct someone when I have lived here with this landlord for 5 years and the only problems ever here are caused by the people that end up renting in the upper apartment. The former property owner here rented to many of people above me and we always got along ok with out any significant problems. I am not the reason that they cannot get a tenant in that apt right now- it has been vacant since last July, and it is shown frequently, I do not do anything to stop anyone from rentin that apartment, its just alot of stairs, and small and expensice for the size. thats not my poblem.,,,But is my denying her coming into my aopartment sufficien grounds to evict me because I am not allowing her in today and have asked her to reschedukle? Its bad enough shes accusing me of having roaches! Idf i had roaches, we would have seen evidence of them long long time ago-  there atre NONE. Anyone can you help me calm my nerves, I am really ill too on top of this today. I would appreciate a prompt answer~~~

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December 5th, 2008 7:46 am

Property managers threaten evictions all the time. From the outside looking in, I would say that your landlord has no right to evict you based on the rescheduling of the pesticides. However, I’m sure the property manager can find another way to evict you. So be cautious about not breaking any house rules. If she can nail you on breaking a rule, she then has every right to evict.


December 9th, 2008 7:02 am

You will want to create a paper trail showing the problem. Just in case you need to use it as proof against your landlord in the future.


December 10th, 2008 8:51 pm

Why not just move? If this property manager is so bad, wouldn’t it just be better to leave. I wouldn’t worry so much about whether or not you could sue someone– anyone can sue anyone.
Good Luck!


By kelly

My son broke his lease by not telling the landord at his apt complex he had a dog.  There was a pipe that burst in his bathroom and they found out then he had a dog.  The dog was blamed for the burst pipe (which is crazy to me)  This was in December 2012 then they started charging him the additional pet fee and said he could work out paying the pet deposit and damages over time.  He paid the additional rent for his dog for Jan and Feb, but when it came time for him to pay his March rent they would not accept it nor would they accept the $250 pet fee.  When he intially went in to pay the March rent the apt mgr was going to accept the rent/pet deposit but then they started discussing what they had billed him for the replacement of the carpet and he and the apt mgr went back and forth about it. She ended up saying she wasn’t accepting anything and he was getting evicted.  He has never been late on his rent.  He only had to pay rent thru April 15th, 2013 then according to his lease he had one free month yet to live there as a special at move-in.  He has since tried several times to pay them and they said if they accepted any money from him they would not have a case against him so they filed eviction papers with the court and its scheduled for this Friday.  Even the Assistant Mgr there at the time of the discussion asked her to change her mind and just accept the rent and she still said no.  He moved out over this past weekend.  My question is since he moved out do they still have a court case against him?  He received a notice for court in the mail last week.

Since they started charging him the additional monthly pet fee and he paid it then how do they have a case against him?  They never asked him to remove the dog either. He has not turned the keys in yet. We are not sure what to do from here. 

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