my rights


I’ve been late 4 times on my rent, we have "promise to pay" in which we sign an agreement to pay rent in a specific date. My landlord is now telling me since i have been late they are increasing ny rent. Being that it is late because i can’t pay everything at once, why would she increase my rent. Can she do this? She also said she is not respobsible for the termites that are infesting my apartment? Is that true?

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My rights

By Denise

I have begun to feel so anxious in my apartment… The family living above us…husband , wife , and two children, six and seven graders, has been making my life here miserable! The wife is a common denominator in my different incidents around my town. She is barred from two town sporting venues and I believe she has three restraining orders against her from starting with parents at different schools. She knows how to push people’s buttons. I had a problem with her on several occasions where she tries to antagonize me, I have asked nicely to lose my phone number and stop texting me! This has finally stopped but lately, we can’t even walk around my house. I have a fifteen year old who has a room right below hers and my bedroom is below their kids room. If we get up to go to the bathroom, or open a door, go to the fridge or move in our bedrooms…. Someone bangs their feet so loudly my house shakes! It’s beginning to feel as if we can’t move in our own apartment! The other night my son was writing a paper with headphones in and I was watching tv on the couch…the time was 9:30 and neither one of us was moving and this feet banging went on for ten minutes. My sin asked that I called the police , but I didn’t . We have a new landlord, because the last one had to sell because they never paid the rent! I feel they are doing this purposely hoping that we leave. I pay my rent on time every month since I moved here three years ago and don’t want the new landlord to think I complain a lot but it is getting crazy! Two weeks ago , I had to let him know that I could not reach my oil tank safely because they have blocked it with their things… They have still not moved their things and I am unable to read how much oil I have in my tank! What do you reccommend ?? Please help me! I don’t even want to come home some days!

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My response: (We welcome stories, examples, explanations, answers and a touch of your personality)


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