Apartment from Hell

By Mary

I was not allowed to see the unit that I was to move into before hand and was told that it looked just like all the units that they showed me.  Based on that information I signed a lease in August to move in on the 9th of October.  I packed a few things to move in on the 9th, and rented a truck to move the big things on the 10th.  When I got to the office and said I was ready to move in – no one knew who I was or that I was to move in on that day.  The office manager did manage to get the keys and took me over to the unit.  When we walked in to the unit it was a mess and not at all what I expected.  It was like walking back in time – the kitchen was the worst – no cabinet space – like the models I had seen.  The manager said that she would make sure the place was ready to move in the next day.  I did not know what to do – I had already set things in motion to move – I had no where else to go. So I just said ok.  The next day when I had the moving people start moving things in the finish on the wood floors was not dry so it stuck to your feet when you walked in and the furniture scraped the finish off as you place it down on the floor.  The microwave door would not shut and the light stayed on – they was no phone jack in the upstairs – all doors would not close because there was so much paint build up on the doors.  Again I had no where else to go and could not hold up the moving people so I just moved in.  Over the next month they resolved the problems with the mircowave and the doors – the floor is rough but I can deal with it.  But since then I have had a whole list of problems – everyday it is something new.  The furnace went out New years eve and I have been living without heat since then – the lights went out downstairs last night – they did get someone to fix that – then this morning my husband – having a hard time sleeping because of the cold – get up and found that we had no electricity upstairs.  I am so tried of this – we do not feel safe in the apt any longer.   I need to know if I can get the property management company to pay for us to move to another place.  Also they have not to date given us a copy of the lease that we signed in August.  Please I need help!  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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One Response to “Apartment from Hell”

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January 6th, 2010 8:27 am

I wrote this yesterday and thought I listed it under rent horror stories but now I see that it was listed under rent humor! There was nothing funny about the situation – was has now been resolved. The management company put in a new furnace yesterday and is even going to up-date our kitchen at no additional cost in rent to make up for all the problems we have had since moving in. We still have not received a copy of the lease – but shes says she is working on it. Waiting…..


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