Apartment neighbor

By audrey strickland

I have a neighbor who bangs on bdrm wall at all hours.  Slams her closet door against wall over and over.  Her daughter said she sees demons and is fighting them.  We have complained to management since Nov 9 over and over and all we get is “I’ll call her daughter.”  We were told that the woman was moving, but nothing has been done.  We get woke up at all hours of the night and sometimes this goes on all day.  This woman definetly has a problem, because the daughter told us that “Mom, has thrown away her bed and sleeps in the closet.  She threw away her TV and even her telephone.” She won’t let anyone in her apt unless it is the manager who has only been there once since our complaint and that was to close the closet door to see if that was the noise we were hearing!  Told the woman to try and close it in the other direction!!!

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January 24th, 2009 8:11 pm

Ironically, I just watched an episode of “Most Haunted” with a demon that was bugging a family… But, this is different– I hope! It sounds like the woman has some serious mental problems. But don’t fear– there is hope.
If you read through your rental agreement you will see a section about right of “Quiet enjoyment.” It is a generic paragraph that is in almost all rent agreements. The primary reason the “Quiet enjoyment” clause is in the agreement is for reason like this. It allows the landlord to evict tenants that are causing problems. You manager has every right to evict the tenant legally. But, the point I am trying to make… By having the “Quiet enjoyment” clause in your rental agreement it is also a way for you to claim that management has broken the agreement by not doing everything in their power to remedy the problem with the “Demon Renter.”
If you have given management that many opportunities to resolve the problem, it is now time to file a complaint with the Rental Protection Agency. When your landlord is contacted by the mediating agent– they will be quick to find a resolution. In the complaint you will want tell them what you feel a fair resolution would be…
1) To move-out without penalty
2) To have the next door neighbor evicted
Good luck with the possessed tenant. Make sure to say your prayers at night. :)


January 25th, 2009 9:24 pm

Time to call ghost busters! Not to make light of your awful situation, but that is kind of funny. I’m so glad its not me living next to the demond lady… Aren’t you scared?


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