Bad landlord company and broken septic tank.

By Justin

My wife and I have been renting our home for about 1 year + now. Since we first moved in, they had 0 knowledge about our property. They didn’t even know that our water was filtered by a well. Our key lock box is still on the front door after a year. I told them about it when we first moved in and they said they would remove it, but nope. Then I had an issue with our garage door opener and I faxed a maintenance request advising of the issue and that I had kinda fixed it. But I never received any contact from them. At this point I just turned the other cheek and didn’t sweat it. But now, we signed another year lease on June 1. Huge Mistake. We now have a broken septic field drain and they were immediately contacted. They called to inquire about the issue and since then, there has only been 3 visits to our house and 1 was a Heath inspector. Nothing has been done but digging up the yard to discover the issue. The tank cap is no longer attached and is floating in water in the hole and it stinks. This has been a repair issue for about 2+ months now. I never reinquired on this issue since I assumed they were going to handle it. 

My wife and I are currently building a home and it’s scheduled to be built in December 2014. Today, I went into the rental office to speak with our property manager and requested a month to month amendment of our lease and she told us no. She said there was no way it could be done since the lease was already in effect. We only had the option of paying 50% of our lease plus every months rent until it was leased out again. I tried to remind her of the broken septic tank and she didn’t even know about it. She was completely unaware that there was a repair issue on her own property that she is supposed to be managing. She said she would send someone out and I told her that people have already been by the house but nothing has been done. At this point, I just said thanks and walked out pissed as heck. She certainly didn’t seem too inclined to help or too concerned about the repair issue. Now I just don’t want anything to do with this company? Is there any grounds for us to break our lease with no penalty?

Edited on: Friday, August 15th, 2014 3:51 pm

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