Can I ask for a decrease in rent?

By Tenant

I am currently renting my 1 bedroom apartment for $795. I moved into my unit in April of 2007 under a 1 year lease. I am currently on a verbal month to month contract with my manager. I have recently found out that 1 bedroom apartments in my complex rent for $675 and 2 bedroom apartments rent for $850. I spoke to my apartment manager about this and he has stated that he is currently in communication with the new management company to see if they will lower the current tenants rents as the market in our area is lower than what we are paying and the new tenants who have recently moved in are paying less than what the current tenants are paying. I would like to know if current tenants have any legal standing in requesting a rent decrease since units in the complex are cheaper than what we are currently paying. Please advise.

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April 6th, 2009 4:04 pm

That’s a tough one. I can understand why you would be frustrated. However, you have to think of it as a contract. You agreed to pay $795 for the apartment for 1 year. Think of it as buying an item such as milk. If you bought milk today for $3.00 a gallon and then next week the store runs an ad for $1.50 a gallon, would you try to get a refund? If you actually tried to get a refund- what do you think would happen.
Its the same for your rental, the only difference is that the price is much higher, but the idea is the same. I would doubt they would decrease your rent. If you can get them to consider it, that’s great! But just remember, they are not required to do or offer anything different than what your lease agreement says.


April 6th, 2009 4:06 pm

I just thought of something else… now would be a great time to upgrade to a larger unit for a small fee. It will be much easier for managment to approve you for a 2 bedroom unit at the new discounted rate than to take less money each month. Just a thought…


April 7th, 2009 9:45 am

Thank you for the reply. However, I am no longer under a year contract. My contract ended in April of 2008. Im on a month to month contract that is verbal. I didnt have to sign anything when my lease ended in April of 2007. My manager has stated he is in communication with the management company who will in turn contact the owner to see if they will lessen the current tenants rent who are paying the higher fee. We shall see. I am going to check back with him in 3 weeks to see if there is any outcome.


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