Can I get my backrent without SS#

By sparkle

 I rented to a couple on disability and they got behind on the rent, I evicted them, sued and won the case.  Now its up to me to get my backrent.  I made the mistake on not getting SS#s, since they don’t work their is now paycheck to garnish.  I don’t know if their gov’t checks can be garnish and if so can I do it with out their SS#s.  I know I shot myself in the foot by not getting enough personal info.  They owe less than $1000. 

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Gary Shepherd

February 9th, 2010 1:56 am

Ouch!! Yes, you’re right not having Social Security Number is going to make it hard to report your tenants to the Credit Bureaus. You can still sue without a SSN, so you should be able to sue for garnished wages based on date of birth. (I’ve never done it without a SSN, but its probably possible)

To avoid this in the future you should use the free RPA Rental Application. Just click on your state and download it. That way you will have all the info you need from your tenants. If you do that you will be able to report your tenants to all 3 credit bureaus and continue to collect from them. Not sure if you’re an RPA Member, but if you are you can just login to your landlord panel to access tenant reporting.

Good Luck!!


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