Can I refuse a tenting of my rental for termites from unlicensed companies?

By Nick

I live in California, 4 weeks ago, through Terminix, I found out I have termites. (Wood and subterranean) My realty management company sent out a contractor to give an estimate, It was $1800 for a 2 day tent (seems too short a time to me) 1 day of actual tenting and 1 day of airing out the home. The contractor gave me his card and said his (Yes he’s the owner) company would be doing the tenting. I contacted the states’ Structural Pest Control Board to verify they have a license. They do not have a license to identify the presence (Terminix did this part) of termites or treat them. I left a message with my RMS manager, who has failed to call me back. I checked my rental agreement, it is the responsibility of the management company to handle termites, bats, rodents ect but my responsibility to handle ants, roaches, ect.

My questions are:

1: Is a 2 day tenting enough time to be effective against both wood and subterranean termites? (24 hours of tenting and 24 hours of airing out the home) You might not have an answer for this one

2: Can I refuse the contractor, or anyone for that matter to service my rental who is not licensed to do the required work? Such as in this case.

3: Who do I call if the contractor shows up with professional grade chemicals that are used by licensed contractors?

4: If I can refuse the service, can the Realty management company’s property manager take action against me for refusing the contractor the tent my rental?

Any other info you might think of would be helpful.

Also, don’t get me wrong, I am all for the treatment of my termites. However, I do not want someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Thank you, Nick

Edited on: Sunday, August 18th, 2013 4:43 am

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