Can they do this?

By I'm speechless

Well,,, sort version,,, My last day at Home,,notified, owners,, and Dtr who does all the paper work… all had gone well,, I read and the owners read electric meter,,, to meet with Dtr  end of the week to give keys back and get My security deposit back,, they were sad to see me go as in their words,, " nice to have a good tenant",,, I called the propane company to ask for the last level, read,,, gave forwarding address and phone numbers… 

Got call from Dtr day scheduled to exchange keys and security deposit,, "the tank was locked and no heat in house,,said floors were frozen ( they had gone in a couple of days before and shampooed ),,, " It was my fault,, and no security deposit back…". Propane company says I did all that was required and that it was up to the owners to call and have account transferred to them…. I was under no obligation after leaving….  
I still have the keys and DO NOT WANT THEM but do not feel I should give them back until get security deposit back…   
Expecting call from Deputy tomorrow with options,,,, any ideas?

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Can they do this/

By Hopingforthebest

I have lived in Arkansas almost a year and rented herea, for approx 8.5 months. I am currently late on my rent. I tried to pay it and my entergy bill came out of my account at the same time… I owe 750 which includes late fees ( i have already given 450) of rent which I can not pay today but can pay on Thrusday. If they don’t receive the monies by tomorrow, yes a Saturday. They said they would be sending out a five day notice. which I found out is a warrent and considered a crime because they are using the criminal eviction process.

I never recieved a 10 day notice can they do this?

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My response: (We welcome stories, examples, explanations, answers and a touch of your personality)


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