Compensation from Landlord for BedBug infestation

By Frustrated and now Broke

I am having to move from an apartment that I moved into only three months ago. My two daughters and grandaughter and I noticed that after we moved into the apt we started to experience some type of bites all over us. We asked the landlords to treat which didn’t happen until five weeks after the request. We thought the bites were flea bites. we are new to Phoenix and the hot weather and didn’t know  a thing about BedBugs. So, needless to say, I have secured another apartment and will be moving. After the "one time treatment" the apt provided, we saw an increase of bites – My older daughter and one year old grandaughter are staying at friends and my five year old daughter and I are getting eaten alive. So, here we are! I talked to the management company company, they said they would let us leave the lease with NO consecquenses, but to be moved out in five days. WOW – That’s not going to happen as the apt I secured will not be ready until Jan03, 2011 (that was borrowed monry that I don’t have). Also I was advised to not take one thing out of that apt so that I do not transport the blood suckers with us – HELLO – That’s alot of money that’s going to have to be burned.i HAVE RENTERS INSURANCE BUT OF COURSE THEY COVER EVERYTHING BUT BEDBUGS -GO FIGURE!! DO I HAVE ANY RIGHTS AS A TENANT FOR COMPESATION FOR ANY OF THESE CHARGES INCURRED? MOVING – ANOTHER ENTAL WITH FEES – FURNITURE TO REPLACE MY FURNITURE THAT IS NO LONGER USEABLE – CLOTHING(i’m going to try and salvage the clothing) – AND OF COURSE PROPER DISPOSAL OF THE INFECTED FURNITURE ITEMS(my other side really wants to leave the stuff there for the property management to deal with – but I won’t).

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