Do I have to patrent for existing mold?

By kellygun

I moved into an apartment without a lease or any legal rental agreement. The apartment had existing mold from a roof leak when I moved in. The landlord has said he would have the leak fixed, but no one has ever once came to see the problem. I see mold & I have to place about 6 or 7 buckets on my stairs to catch the water that leaks inside. I have already had to pull alot of rotton drywall off of the ceiling because it was falling off in pieces. I am afraid that I, my 4 mnth. old Grandaughter & other family members will get sick from this mold. I have taken pictures & have spoke to the landlord numerous times about the leak that is coming from the roof. I have personally climbed on the roof trying to cover the leak with a plastic tarp, but I am unable to secure it down at the angle where it is at. I am a disabled 47 yr. old female & I have already spent hundreds of dollars on other repairs in my apartment for which I have receipts. I have not been offered any reimbursement for the money I spent on these structural repairs. Do I have the right to withhold my rent until the roof leak is fixed? Can I add up theamount of money on my receipts & take it out of my rent? I am calling the landlord today to see if I may show them the pictures & receipts, because I was planning on giving them only the electric bill money for my unit until the roof leak is fixed. What suggestion does anyone have for me on this matter? Pay rent or DON’T pay rent? I have been dealing with this problem for 2 months & I don’t feel that I should have to give them $650.00 for the next months rent. I do not want to move. My daughter & her family live below me & I am just unable to physically, or financially afford to move again. "PLEASE HELP".  Thank you

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May 16th, 2011 6:14 am

Should have sign a lease. A verbal agreement is quite too tricky. Maybe you can bring some cookies to your landlord and sit down within and ask him to really fix that roof. Next thing that you can do if all else fails, is to file a complaint through the RPA Complaint site.


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