help.. problem with privacy….

By Steve

 I have rented an apt which i like very much..

 My problem is that i  can hear EVERTHING my neighbors are doing….
 i feel as if i do not have any privacy, part of the reason is a 6ft gas wall heater
 with grills built in to the wall which seems to amplify the noise.
 i was told when looking it was peaceful at night, ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY and i can not read
 at times it is to distracting and i dont have tv..Mainly i am not happy and do not look forward to coming home…
 i am a 62 i do not play loud music and am early to bed
 sometimes i cannot sleep because of this 
 had i have know how bad this was especially at night 
 i would never have taken the place. DO I HAVE ANY RECOURSE?   PLEASE

Edited on: Saturday, January 4th, 2014 9:20 pm

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