How to deal with Landlord Harassments


Landlord harassment is making intimidating situations by a landlord on a rental property with the goal of forcing the tenant to vacate the unit. The landlord opt to do this when he does not want to go over the legal procedure of evicting the tenant or even face any impediments to eviction wherein there is no legal reason to evict the tenant.

If a tenant experience harassment from their landlord, here are some practical steps he can do to deal with his landlord.

  • Keep Records of the Harassment. Always keep records of the harassments. These records will be very useful if you wish to take further actions against your landlord. Just make sure that your records will include the date, time and place where the harassment happens and also a short description of the events. You can also take pictures of any damages the landlord had made during the incident and details of the person who you are reporting. Having a documented statement of a witness is a major plus.
  • Put into Writing All Agreements. Having a written document of all contacts you made with your landlord can be very useful in case any disputes will break out in the future. This can be used as evidence against your landlord.
  • Call the Police. Harassment and illegal evictions are both criminal offenses and sometimes even the police cannot help intervene it from taking place. However, they can help keep the peace and restore order during harassment.
  • Report All Incident of Harassment. Once harassment happens it is very important that you report it to the local council that handles tenancy relations and if there is already violence involved then call the police. By doing this a record will be made and you can use that record as another evidence against your landlord. Also the police and the local council may be able to help resolve the problems you have with your landlord.


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