How to get him to leave quietly?

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My renter and I had a lease that ended in June and is now month to month.  Today is October 8th.  I spoke with my renter who is late for the 4 th time with rent in the past 9 months.  In short, the dog ate my homework excuse has nothing over on this guy.

This time, it was that he had dental work done and then a message on the 7th to say that something happened to his permanent dividend fund being garnished.  Then to top it off I received a call from St Francis Shelter today, saying that they would help this guy out with 600.00 (350.00) short on this months rent… and he would have to come up with the rest.  I wasn’t certain what to say, they requested that I come down and sign a statement saying that he was late and they would give me a check.  I had not spoke with the renter about them calling me and I know now not to take a partial check payment from him.   I called him on the phone to ask him what was up, and he said that he needed the help this month and had requested that they help him out.  I told him, ” we were going into the winter months and that with him being late on the rent again that I was feeling a little uncomfortable about how things were looking for the future rent this winter”  I think I was wanting him to just reassure me that it was cool.  I told him that I counted on my rental , income to pay for utilities, “I know I owe him know explation” UGH!.  He went ballistic on me, he stated that he could move out tomorrow and that he would have his stuff out of there in three days.  I tried to calm him down, but I have to admit part of me was thinking That it might be best for both of us, although I didnt’ say that”,  He continued to tell me that I made him uncomfortable when he was late for rent and that he didn’t like being treated like he was a low life, and that he felt that I was unstable and might shoot him.  I was sort of stunned, I was sill thinking how it might be good to have him move out before winter hit.  I said, I’m sorry, what did you just say? He continued on how he wished that he had taped my conversations and went on about my apartment not having a shower and that he was looking for another place to rent, I could hear people in the back ground saying.. yeah put her on speaker phone, I was in such shock that I could hardly speak, I tried to gracefully end the conversation but he went on and on. I said, okay wait now, I do have your last month rent and we can apply it to this month if you think that you can be out by the end of the month.  He went crazy on me and did not hear a word I was saying about how disappointed he was in me.  Again, I am shocked.  I then told him that I need to hang up and that I would have my niece call him who takes care of the rentals for me.  After that the St Frances shelter called me again and wanted to know if I had talked to him and would I be coming by to pick up the check for a portion of the rent. I said no that I no longer felt comfortable with the situation.  45 minutes later the renter calls me to say that he is on the way to the house to pay me his part of the rent and that he wants to know whats going on with the St Francis shelter, as if nothing has happened..  I told him I was no longer comfortable  talking to him on the phone and that someone else would be contacting him. He was all calm and acted like nothing was going on.  This is a 500 lb man that we are talking about.  I am a single woman that lives upstairs from him.  I am 5 ft tall and 50 years old.  I have a little dog.  If it were not for him being late so much on the rent checks….this would be a good working rental relationship.  I never see him he never sees me except to drop the check off. He has his own entrance and I have mine.  We have only spoke when the rent is late and he is making his excuses.  Most of the conversations have been through my niece.  Who is the one that rented to him.  He cannot use the shower in the apartment because he weighs 500 lb and does not fit. He knows that it will break.  I want to know if it I can give this man a letter in writing that the agreement is over at the end of this month… or do I need to give him 30 days from today?  I’m very confused.  I’m very shaken and I’m a little surprised by the very strange behavior.  I want to make things as smooth as possible.  I don’t feel that he is very stable.   I know that he lost his job 3 months ago.  Can you give me any advise on a solution.  He made several threats about the apartment. The thing is, i know the aparment is at code and that the shower is fine, I’m not worried about him taking legal action. What can I do? I appreciate your advise and help.

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