How to pass an apartment background check?


Background checks are necessary nowadays before moving in to a new apartment unit or even nailing the new job. It is done through credit checking, criminal history checks or lawsuits, and prior residences. The problem with background check is that is sometimes provides inaccurate information.

Here are some tips on how you can pass a background check:

  • Run your fingerprints. You can contact your local police department and ask them if they can run your fingerprints and if they can provide you with a rap sheet of your criminal background to disprove any erroneous information if the problem of your background check is the criminal background check. Having a record of your fingerprints can also prove without any doubt that you are really who you say you are and not someone else.
  • Ask someone to vouch for you. If you have a criminal record you try to ask someone that is well known and respected in your society to vouch for you. You can ask a priest or a pastor to write a personal letter to the landlord stating that you are now a reformed man and that you are now an outstanding model citizen in your society.
  • Be a part of a volunteer community service. Being a part of a volunteer community service can be extremely helpful and can sometimes sway the landlord or the apartment manager into granting you the approval that you are seeking.
  • Make sure everything is correct on your background check. By the time you get a copy of your background check always check for the dates like on your birthday and your middle name to see if the information is correct. You may be mistaken for someone else who have the same name as yours but differs when it comes to the middle name and birthdate.

Being honest with your landlord or property manager is always the best advice for getting approved for an apartment.  With the ease of checking your rental history and criminal history it is best to be upfront before the landlord finds the problem.


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