i withheld monies due to no heat, how much can i hold?

By Rachel

I and my family moved into a home in May, come to find out in Sept the heat wasnt working.  I would call the landlord and he would come and do something and it would work for a few days then stop again.  Finally in November I began withholding 1000 per month as they had a heating man come in (I paid him to look at the furnace) and was told there is nothing that can be done, furnace is too old and it needs to be replaced.  After going back and forth with the landlord, finally in April it was replaced and he has received full rent since then.  I withheld 3300 total for approx 6 months of non working heat, total rent per month is 2800.  Does the landlord have any legal recourse? 

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May 31st, 2011 8:02 am

All things that the landlord provides to the tenant must be kept in working order such as heating system. Must make sure that the rental property meets health, safety, housing and maintenance standards. Write the a letter or in some cases, they have a “maintenance” or “work order” request form that can be completed. You should keep a copy of their written request. If, after being informed and does not fix the problem within a reasonable time you may file a complaint.


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