Insane Apartment Manager

By AWebster

My family of 4 moved to Maple Heights Apartments on E Maple street in West Plains Missouri about 8 months ago. The apartment manager made us do all the repairs ourselves before we moved in. No immediate concern. He seemed kind of "off" but not a bad guy at first. Well as time went on we paid our rent on the first every month mind you, we began having problems with the water heater. We called the manager and asked him to fix it. They replaced the heating elements and that didn’t fix it so they let us go without hot water for a week and I have 2 children living in my home. I was really upset that we couldn’t get anything fixed. Well my husband calls him up leaving him a message and says "if you can’t fix it I will find someone who knows what they are doing and send you a bill because we cannot go without hot water" never received a response. Well they began remodeling the apartment downstairs about a week later. They were playing loud music and disrupting things on a HUGE level in our apartment. One day my husband went to ask them to turn the music down so that our son could take a nap, he didn’t even get a chance to ask him because when he saw my husband coming the apt manager ripped the door open and hit my husband in the face and pushed him out into the yard. Cops were called and a report was filed charges are now pending , he goes to court for the charges on April 20th. We are now being evicted over this dispute even though our rent is paid and we never had any issues before. He continues to harass us and has even taken to threatening ME! I do not recommend renting here. The owner is an old senile woman that has a lot of health problems so this is the only reason I think she would allow somebody like this to run her property. 

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