Landlord destroyed and stole my property


I gave a 60 day notice I was moving out on 10/15.   I spoke to the Landlord (Mgmt company) twice and exchange several emails.  I indicated that I wanted to return the key and do a walk through when I moved out, but they refused to meet with me and indicated they did not want me to come to their office either.  The isntructions were leave the key on the kitchen counter with house cleaning and carpet cleaning receipts, we willmail your 1200 deposit after 30 days. 

I had moved out almost 95% of my property but I needed to pick-up a couple of pieces of furniture and finish cleaning the kitchen and the garage on 10/15.  I drove to the house at 630PM after work with a cleaning person and my wife, the locks were changed and there was a lock box on the house. 

So I called the landlord and they indicated that they thought I had abandoned the property, responded kind of nervous and gave me the lock box number.   I told them I did not understand why they would not simply call me if they had questions.  I wnet into the house and found the following:
- All of my proerty had been dumped in piles in the garage and had been rifled though
- the furniture was damaged
- Several property items were missing and my personal documents and files had been tampered with
- All of the food in the house was taken

I tried to reach the landlord and they no longer answered.   So I picked up all of my jumbled property and damaged furniture, finished cleaning and left the keys and receipts where I was told before I locked up.   I also took pictures of the condition I found my property, as well as the condition I left the house in.

I filed a police report as well

The same day just before midnight I sent the landlord an email with copies of all the pictures and stating that I wanted to meet with them and resolve the issue.   There has been no email response.  I also called several times and left messages, but received no call backs.

I did receive a text message on my cell phone that stated that they had the keys, garage door openers and the receipts and that they would get with the owner to determine if further cleaning or repairs were required.  they did not acknowledge any of the events I stated in the email.  I texted them back asking them to acknowledge the emails but they are not responding

Its clear to me that they are not going to address the stolen or damaged property and that they are going to try and keep all of my deposit.  This is not acceptable and I can’t believe that these people wont even meet with me.  What can I do via the Rental Protection Agency

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