Landlord takes over garage

By Michael McCormack


    I have lived at my location for about 2 years now.  My lease was up a year ago and now it is month to month. We also are getting assisstancfe from Portage Municipal Housing Authority to pay our rent.  We have stored our stuff in the garage since we moved in nothing valuable because the garage door is off.  We just store kids toys or bikes in there. This is a multi unit house with 2 garages.  Last week my landlord told me to ask the other tenant that lives in the other unit of the house to store my stuff in there and he will put a new door on the garage.  Then he want to keep the garage for himself and we have no agreement in the lease for the landord to use the garage it just says we are renting the premises and the garage is on the premises. He said that he told me he was going o use the garage when i moved in but I do not recall ever having the conversation.  The garage goes to the house.  Does he have the right to do that? and he never even asked or said he would lower the rent to use the garage. He just said for me to move my stuff out and he will take it over thats it.  I need advice on what my rights are.  Thank you.

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