Landlord Tenant Act

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Landlord Tenant Act:

I’m having problems with my landlord and need to know if the residential landlord tenant act protects me?  My landlord has been less than stellar and I feel like his poor management practices might be violating some rental laws.  In my research I keep finding the RPA, (Rental Protection Agency) and see that I have right to file a complaint against my landlord if I feel he has been unfair with me.  
I did just file a complaint and now have my case number.  I know the RPA will help me resolve my complaint, but I was just wondering if someone could shed some light on whether my landlord is violating my rights as a renter.  
Here’s my story:
I’ve been renting from my landlord for 2 years and suddenly started noticing bites on my arms and legs.  Come to find out my apartment was infested by bed bugs.  I immediately contacted my landlord who did not respond for a week.  (took multiple calls and emails before I got a hold of him)  I told him about the bed bug problem in my apartment and asked if he could send over an exterminator.  He laughed and said, sure, but it will cost you.  As you can imagine I was less than amused by his response.  Anyone that has an infested apartment knows what I’m talking about… its complete terror to sleep in a bed that is a feeding ground to hundreds of tiny bugs that are feasting on your body– quite maddening actually.  
To make my long and drawn out story shorter; I’ve been going back and forth with my landlord begging him to treat my apartment for bed bugs.  I even tried to work out some type of agreement to pay for half of the cost or to set up a payment plan to pay for treatment.  My landlord, however, doesn’t care about my situation and tells me that I need to deal with the problem at my own cost.  I can’t really afford to pay for bed bug treatment…  So, back to my original question:  Doesn’t the Residential Landlord Tenant Act require my landlord to pay for infestation cost?  
Can somebody tell me what the rental laws are concerning the landlord tenant act?  Anyone else filed a complaint against their landlord for an bed bug infested apartment??  How did the complaint work out for you?  Is it possible for my landlord to ignore the RPA?  
Thank You Kindly!

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