Landlord wont do his job

By Chad Connell

I have lives in my appartment for 2 months now. And everyday and all night for that time my neightbor has speaker against my wall, so all i can hear all the time is his bass thumping. He keeps it going to atleat 2:30 to 3:00 in the mournign every night. I have called my landlord more than 10 times with a complaint and they say they will talk to him. Well to this day they still havn’t! For 2 months now i have stayed up all night and still have to get up and go to school and it is affecting it in a negitive was. Because of this i am so stressed out and have anxiety attack now and i have devleoped ensomena because of this. No sleep is affecting my health. I cant take it any more and i want move but cant afford. But for 2 months i have paid to live like this and i want our and my money back. Can i make the landlord pay for my moving expencec and anything that may come with it because he has made no serious effort to solve this problem and i want out. Its not fair he gets a good night sleep every night and dosnt care about his tenents. So what can i do about this befor the issue turns into a greater problem because a human cant take but so much.  


                           Chad E connell


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May 12th, 2011 9:46 am

Got the same problem too mate. A few college dudes partying all night right beside your room is really is an inconvenience. I know how you feel. What I did, was I really talked to my landlord and made sure he’ll take necessary actions for it. I even accompanied him in talking with the dudes. It wen’t well. Try talking to them, in case you can’t get any luck with it. Ask help with RPA by filing a complaint. They should be able to help you.


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