mold in the apartment

By lando

We are living in an apartment since 6 months and we found  the mold a week ago. Due this problem, we requested at the property management to fixed it. At this time, We are waiting for that.Also, we are requesting a medical check up for mold  for each member of my family (3) under the landlord expenses. We are having symptoms such as headaches, itchy nose,eyes, throat and skin. We are having sleeping difficulties and concentration issues.  We are very concern for our health because we are putting the puzzle together and we realize that this problem has been here since day one.  First of all, because a mysterious hidden filter was NEVER change since the apartment was constructed therefore, it means we have been breathing mold for at least six months since we are the first tenant  and we didn’t know it until last week (February 5, 2011).  My wife is trying to get pregnant and she is concerned about her health status.

For those reasons, we want to know if by law can  we procedure with our requeriments and are they obligated to cover them? Could you tell us which one legal institution or agency is available to help us? How we have to proceed it?

Thank you very much!!!

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February 19th, 2011 1:14 pm

The problem is that there is no control on either side of this issue. Can you prove you were not dizzy, had trouble sleeping, itching eyes or other complaint before moving in? I have all the complaints you list as seasonal issues or simply the aging processes. How would you prove this? Perhaps it is a seasonal problem with nature’s allergens in your new area. Perhaps your part of town has something which only you are sensitive to. Perhaps you became hyper sensitve once you read a article about mold, and the psychosomatic effect has kicked in. Perhaps a family that cooks with hot peppers moved in where the vapors from the peppers affect you. Perhaps you have money troubles, and an amorphous problem like mold is a perfect vent for your anxiety… see you must prove A LOT of things before you can go after one landlord regarding one apartment. Unless you see the black, yellow or green spores on surfaces, running an air cleaning device, an allergen filter over a common heat/cooling vents in your apartment should be tried before you demand the landord tear out all the walls based upon your rather vague complaints and fears. Your landlord cannot make your life “perfect” only you can do that.


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