MOLD & Kids

By KFlores

I have been at this residence for a little over 3 years now, and was told about the "Sweaty walls" when I moved in. But over the past month it has been bad! I found about a 6in square in my closet where the all is wrinkled and my shoes boxes that were there where wet & the shoes inside MOLDY! I was re-arranging my childrens room and found MOLD on the back of my daughters dresser and on a fabric box that I keep her blankets in. I found more MOLD on bags that were simply placed under the bed. The mold is also becoming more and more of an issue in the chaulking of the tub (this has been an issue since they remodled the bathroom in 2008). I have raised a complaint before and now again. I have left 2 messages and an email. I told the property managers that I have gotten quotes and have actually become educated on what needed to happen. I have been sick now for a month and a half an I have 2 kids (6 & 2) that have been coughing a lot lately. I have told them that I will withhold rent until my concerns have been addressed. I am really concerned now for my kids! The property lady asked me if my house was painted for mold in the last year!! Why would they PAINT over mold?!?! And no they havent for the last 3 years! Was I wrong to state that I would withhold rent?

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