Monthly Inspections?

By DoraLorraine

     I live in an apartment complex of 10 units.  Every month our landlord advises us of an inspection of our units.  It’s stated that if we’re not there then his key will be used to enter the apartment.  I feel this is not fair.  He also lives in the house across the street and has a video camera on his roof and continuosly tapes the complex then reviews it and then often talks about goings on with the tenant or other tenants which it doesn’t involve and I believe shouldn’t be discussed with.  Anyone that pulls into the parking lot or walks onto the property is immediately confronted with regards to why they are there who they are there to see?  Twice now a situation has arised and he assumed it involved me, called me up to do something about it, (which I had no idea about) and then finds out the person looking to buy pain pills was looking for another tenant.  Just because I am disabled and take pain medication doesn’t mean I’m involved with anything to do with it.  I believe because the majority of the tenants are african american and I’m white the same as the person looking to buy pills from someone in these apartments he asumed they were looking for me.
     This is just the tip of the iceberg in this situation.  I’m a single mother that can no longer work and with just my Social Security income it’s not easy to move.  I  live in the high desert of California and unfortunately my car died so that makes it even harder.  I am trying to find a place but it takes time.  Am I being rediculous or is he?
     I’ve had to help my neighbor by getting info on his rights.  The landlord told him he can’t stay there anymore??  He lives with his children and their mother.  He thinks that since he’s not on the lease he doesn’t have any rights in this matter.  I told him he can’t do that.  It doesn’t matter wether he’s on the lease or not.  He didn’t feel better until I found it on an official web site.  I asked why he’s not on the lease and he said the landlord didn’t want him on it when they moved in.  Needing to get his family in a home he complied.
     The landlord is a retirec sheriff and I believe he has issues.  If somethings going on and you don’t tell him about he retaliates in whatever way he can.  My daughter and I went to visit family for 4 days.  I was yelled at because I didn’t let him know.  I don’t believe I have to notify him of a short trip.  Some of these things sound petty but when you add them up the continual sticking of his nose in my affairs is anoying.  Oh, and I’m constantly being summond to see him.  I try to talk about what ever it is over the phone, oh no that won’t due and then it turns out to be stupid stuff.  I don’t want to file a complaint.  Obviously I have to live here for now.  This is a small town and he manages other units.  He could make it very difficult for me to find another place.  How should I handle this? 

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